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    Granite is a purely natural stone that comes directly from stone quarries and is then cut into thin slabs, polished, and fabricated into countertops.

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    Another reason people like granite countertops is that they're bacteria resistant (as long as you keep them clean). Before we get into how to care for your granite countertops, we need to stress one thing: Always test your cleaning product on an inconspicuous area first.

  • Granite Countertop Care: Do's & Don'ts for Cleaning Granite

    Don't: use generic cleaning products such as bleach, glass cleaners, de-greasers or other common cleaners. These products that you buy at your local store contain acids, alkalis and other chemicals that will degrade the granite sealer (and will etch marble) leaving the stone more vulnerable to …

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    Granite countertops have been the standard in quality when it comes to stone materials used for countertops. Caesarstone composite quartz is changing all of that! Like granite countertops, a countertop that uses composite quartz is also super hard and non-porous, making it extremely resistant to mold, mildew and germs.

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    While most countertops can be cleaned using simple cleaners, and oftentimes, just a bit of soap and water, however there are lots of great products out there which can make your life easier, and extend the life and beauty of your granite countertops or other natural stone countertops.

  • How to Seal Granite Countertops: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    2018-06-01· Always test the absorbency of your granite before you apply a sealer. There are many varieties of granite, and a large percentage of them are actively harmed by sealer. That said, if your granite does absorb water or oil rapidly, a penetrating sealer will make maintenance …

  • Regular Maintenance of your Granite Countertops

    To preserve the beauty of your granite countertops, follow these simple steps: Regular cleaning. You can clean your granite countertops with a mild hand soap and warm water.

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    Keeping your countertops in tip top shape doesn't stop there though. Keep reading to learn more and for our most recent recommendations on cleaners and sealers.

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    For general day to day cleaning, we advise using a combination of neutral cleaning agent, such as anti-bacterial dishwashing detergent and water, or purchasing one of the widely available stone cleaning …

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    Homeowners looking for low maintenance countertops have many outstanding choices in all price ranges. Here is a list of the top 5 low maintenance countertop surface options along with the price range for each one.

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    In many people's minds, granite means strength and resilience. But if you want to know how to clean granite countertops successfully, the watchword is caution.

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    In this Article: Article Summary Regular Maintenance Cleaning with Baking Soda Sealing to Prevent Future Stains Community Q&A. Although granite countertops have become a popular choice for many homeowners, the vast majority are unsure of how to properly clean and maintain the stone's surface.

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    Make this a super compact version of what you wrote on your "about us" page--your best introduction to a prospective client.

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    Are you looking for tips and advice about granite countertops care? You've come to the right place! Granite countertops are a popular choice for home owners because of their natural elegance and beauty, but they do require proper care and maintenance in order to look their best.

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    To put a shine on your granite put a little cooking oil on a soft cleaning cloth and wipe it across the countertop. Buff it gently. This makes the counter a little bit stain-resistant and gives it a glossy shine.

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    Granite Countertop Care and Maintenance. Advantages of installing the granite countertops are actually beyond how amazing they look. Kitchen granite is a natural stone that is originally created by nature and later fashioned by human.

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    A: Tom Silva replies: We have granite countertops in our kitchen and love them. They really don't take a lot of care. The first thing we did when they were installed was to wipe on a solvent-based sealer called an "impregnator" with a soft cloth.

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    2010-11-29· How to Take Care of Granite Countertops. Granite countertops are a popular style used by many homeowners for new building and kitchen remodels. The perks of the stone are that it's durable, beautiful and does not require much maintenance....

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    How To Care for your Granite Countertops. There are many questions regarding the proper care of Granite Countertops, and sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there on the web.

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    Granite countertops can last a lifetime with proper care. Taking care of granite may sound intimidating, but it's actually a relatively low-maintenance countertop option.

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    2017-01-31· Care And Maintenance Of Granite Countertops Polish, Protectant ... Professional Quality Stone Care – TriNova's Granite Sealer & Protectant offers a premium sealant and caring solution for your premium stone surfaces, including marble.

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    Granite countertops are gorgeous additions to a home, with each piece like a unique work of art. Due to granite being available in so many colors, homeowners have many options to choose from.

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    2016-01-13· How to maintain your granite countertops so they last a lifetime.

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    Natural stone is an investment. Not only just of money, but of care over time. If you take good care of it, granite lasts a lifetime. Develop a regular maintenance plan and your granite countertops will remain strong and lustrous for decades.

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    Vanite/Quartz countertop care and maintenance. Difficult Spills To remove difficult spills, wipe the surface with warm water and soap. For stains that harden as they dry such as food, remove by applying poutice powder, available through Vangura®, and then clean using warm water and soap. Extreme Heat Protection Vanite® – Engineered with Silestone® is resistant to heat and can withstand ...